I’m not the least bit upset. Really.

My little mama heart just about burst this morning. I was sitting in the kitchen enjoying seconds on French toast (I am eating for two, after all, so no apologies there), and it occurred to me that Will, who had been playing in the living room, had been pretty quiet for a long time. So I went in to check on him and this is what I found: shredded Kleenexes everywhere and cranberry vanilla scented lotion all over the couch, floor, and Will.


I took the lotion bottle from Will in picked some sticky Kleenex off of him and then just stood there for a minute surveying the mess. Will took off to the kitchen and immediately came back with the washcloth from the kitchen sink! That boy! I just about died! At first he tried to use it to clean stuff up, but then decided he’d rather suck on the washcloth instead.


Thank goodness for machine washable Ikea couch cushions! They were due for a cleaning anyways.

It’s times like this– like the time Will barfed beet puree all over himself in the middle of airport security– when my heart, in the shock of the moment, immediately swells with so much love for my son that there’s no room for anger, frustration, or tears. All I can do in that moment is get to work. And it makes me a little proud too. Proud of Will’s adorable attempts to fix stuff. And proud that as a mama, I can deal with stuff like this. So you might think this would make me even just a tiny bit upset, but it doesn’t. Really.


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