New Knitting Project: The Purl Bee’s Mosaic Blanket

Purl Bee's Mosaic Blanket - work in progress

I spent a few days this week without a knitting project and it was pretty much torture. I’ve been binge watching the Murdoch Mysteries in order to finish all the seasons available on Hulu+ before my free trial ends (no judging– it’s my new guilty pleasure). And I have to say, I cannot just sit and watch TV. I have to be doing something! And I prefer that thing to be knitting because it seems to be the only thing that keeps my hands occupied while still allowing me to follow the story line. So it was a huge relief to me when my yarn order from Knitpicks finally arrived and I could start my new project.

I’ve knit a few of The Purl Bee’s patterns over the years, and I’m never disappointed. Most of them are free, too, which is a huge bonus! The Mosaic Blanket is one of their free patterns, and its stylish and timeless quality is typical of the Purl Bee. It’s knit using a slip stitch pattern, which pretty much blows my mind! It’s basically just two-row garter stitch stripes, but by slipping stitches in strategic places, you end up with this beautiful pattern that looks like stranded knitting, but is so much simpler. The slipped stitches give it a wonderful texture as well, so all around, it’s a pleasure to knit.

Choosing the Yarn

The hardest part was choosing the yarn and colors for it. It sort of goes against my instinct to knit anything in black or white– I mean, with so many colors to choose from, why would you, right? But this pattern lends itself so well to high contrast, and black and white have this amazing ability to be both bold and neutral at the same time, so I feel it was a good choice.

Choosing the particular yarn was a little tricky too. I wanted something machine washable and dryable (because a blanket this size would be a pain to air dry), and I want it to be able to stand up to years of cuddling, blanket forts, and whatever else it happens to be used for. I would have loved to use a superwash merino, but it would have cost me twice as much, and I guess I could have done a cotton blend, but I decided to go with just plain acrylic. Normally I don’t like acrylic at all. It’s scratchy and stiff and has an odd squeaky quality, but Knitpicks Brava yarn had such good reviews that I figured I’d give it a try. It’s still feels like acrylic, but it knits up quite soft, so I’m okay with it. I kinda wish I had splurged on the merino though. Oh well– lesson learned!

I’m knitting the throw size, so I might be working on this one for a while. I’ll be sure to show you the finished product when it is done!